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help an awesome fantasy author out!

hey guys

I’m gonna take this opportunity to seriously make a plug for Joyce Chng (aka J. Damask, aka @jolantru on twitter), who is a kick-ass fantasy author from Singapore. her cat’s been really sick so she could really use some help right now in the form of buying some e-books!

let me tell you

  • badass WOC Singaporean werewolf mom named Jan Xu
  • the fact that she is a mom doesn’t make her any less badass, and in fact, makes her MORE badass because she’s got her kids to protect, which is one of my favorite parts about the books (the first one is called Wolf at the Door and the second one is Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye
  • she’s friends with dragons and fox spirits and fairies and other shapeshifters all kinds of other awesome Asian fantasy folk (you know what a naga is? okay, how about an ourang bunian? anyways. there is a crazy awesome pantheon of non-western supernatural creatures she draws from that make appearances in the Jan Xu books!)
  • SINGAPOREAN WEREWOLVES. CHINESE WEREWOLVES. BADASS CHINESE WEREWOLVES. did I mention this already? well it stands to be mentioned again! 
  • romance takes a backburner cause guess what Jan is married and though she loves her husband very much protecting her family and her friends is what’s most important in the novels
  • not gonna lie it is so freaking refreshing to read a novel in which a white imperialist male is the antagonist and not sympathized with in any way

I bought both Wolf at the Door and Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye over my holiday break for my iPhone though you can get them for your e-reader.

so yeah. badass WOC protagonist, werewolves, and magic. they’re probably like pg15+ rating? everything you want in a fantasy novel. fast reads, too! 

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    I haven’t read her yet, but I’ve heard really good things, so I’ll definitely be checking her books out.
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